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Bethlehem of Deliverance Church

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2016 W. Berks St.

Philadelphia PA 19121


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Sundays 10-12am

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The Real Deal Church

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The Real Deal Food Ministry started from Bethlehem of Deliverance Church located, 2016 W. Berks St. Phila. PA. over 25 years ago. It is our mission to eradicate hunger!

The Real Deal Food Ministry is a nonprofit 501C3 that owns and operates a 26 ft. Reefer Truck, which holds 26000 pounds of groceries delivered to communities in Philadelphia daily. The Real Deal Food Ministry is designed to make life easier for families who struggle to get to the supermarket or prefer not to go because of social distancing.  So we pull up to various communities and deliver the food in grocery boxes to a central location, relatively close to people’s homes.  So many just come to the truck with a shopping cart that can hold the food until they safely return home. We remain in compliance with the law by asking people to stay 6 feet apart, wear mast and gloves for safely, and the food is safely stored on a refrigerated truck.

The Real Deal Food Ministry has been on the streets each day, giving out free groceries to families in need. 

The last year 2019, we gave out over 2 million pounds of food, and feed over 50,000 families, today we targeted to help even more. Since the coronavirus, we have been feeding over 2000 people within four days week period with boxes filled with food that weighs approximately 50 pounds.

Total Families Fed during Pandemic 10,000